About Us

In 1994 LaManna Electric, Inc. was opened under NJ License 6565, but the history didn’t start there for founder Charles LaManna Sr. (Charlie Sr.) As a young adult, he began working odd jobs as a laborer and plumber, before he started with his electrical contractor uncle doing residential and light commercial projects in the City of Trenton. In search of bigger and better opportunities, it wasn’t long before they met wellknown NJ Electrical Contractor, Henry J Lucas (Luke) who had been conducting high quality commercial and industrial installations throughout the state since the 1950’s. With a hardworking mentality, willingness to learn, and complete dedication, Luke took a liking to future soninlaw Charlie (Sr) and soon began to give him more responsibilities in the field as a Foreman. A business was booming, unfortunately Henry Lucas was struck with a severe Ischemic Stroke, leaving the responsibilities to continue business activities to Henry’s eldest son and Charlie (Sr.) and it wasn’t too long after where he was forced to transit from a field super to one of the business management.

From there, the company had many years of great success and had developed into one of the east coast’s premier Musco Lighting System installers and successfully throughout dozens of ball fields throughout the state of New Jersey and east coast. However, with aging family members of the Lucas family entering the business with separate goals and expectations, there became a time where Charlie (Sr.) wanted to proceed with his goal of opening his own business. In 1994, Henry J. Lucas was generous enough to split his company assets between his two family members, and LaManna Electric Inc. was launched.

Today, the company is proudly owned and operated by the second generation LaManna’s, Charlie (Jr) and Jason. While taking a backseat to the management of the company, Charlie (Sr) continues to make an appearance our LaManna Electric job sites in search to make those around him laugh, all while continuing to push the hard-working mentality and commitment to efficiency. We take pride that being in the same industry, in the same area, that we can actively complete distribution equipment replacements at the same factory with a plate on the equipment with Henry J Lucas from 35 years ago.