Recent Projects & Photos

Here are some of LaManna Electric’s recent and past projects. Pictures show a wide range of different type of projects that we do. Click through the projects and see pictures of our professional workmanship, designs, and installations.

Click on any of the images below to see more from that specific job.

Commercial Building Electrical

Conduit Rough-in Work

Conduit Rough-in Work – Duct Banks and Underground

Equipment Hauling and Machinery Operations

Generator Installations

HVAC Equipment Wiring

Industrial Facilities Electrical

Medium Voltage and Transformer Wiring

Solar Installations – Aerial Photos

Solar – Cable Tray and Conduit Rough-ins

Solar Installations – Equipment Wiring

Solar Installations – Ground Mounts

Solar – Installations – Parking Canopy Ballasted Rooftop Systems

Solar Installations – Self Ballasted Rooftop Systems

Switchgear Installations